Weekend USA Lotto Results | 3rd and 4th April ’15

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Weekend USA Lotto Results | 3rd and 4th April ’15

To make sure that there’s enough money for you to live the life you’ve always dreamed of, most people are forced to take up more than one job and are usually too exhausted at the end of it all to really enjoy themselves.  What if there was a way for you to become a winner and walk away with enough money to change your life completely?  There is now, thanks to the online lottery!  With the prizes that could be yours in the two biggest and most popular USA lotto games, you could be well on your way to making it all happen – finally!  Have a look at the latest results and winnings to see what you’ll be playing for this week:

Mega Millions logo BW narrow

The Mega Millions draw on Friday (3rd April) kicked off the lotto action for this weekend.  There were unfortunately no players who were able to match the five main numbers as well as the Mega Ball, which left the first tier empty and the $25 million prize untouched.  It is because of this that there will be a rollover taking place for the next draw on Tuesday (7th April), which leaves the estimated jackpot prize at $30 million.

The first winner this time around was the single player in the second tier who was successful in matching the five main numbers, allowing them to claim their guaranteed winnings of a significantly high $1 million.  The third prize tier placed 16 players who are now each $5, 000 richer thanks to their luck in matching four main numbers and the Mega Ball.  In the last of the top prize tiers, there were 253 players who were grouped in the fourth tier, where they were each granted with their winnings of $500.  For all of the detailed results of the latest draw, please have a look at the table which has been provided below:

US Powerball logo BW narrow

Next up was Saturday’s (4th April) Powerball draw, which was also not successful in turning any players into lucky jackpot winners.  No one could step up and match the five main numbers plus the Power Ball.  This left the first tier  empty and the main prize unclaimed, and we all know what this means – even more reason for you to make sure that your entries are placed for the upcoming draw on Wednesday (8th April).  Thanks to the rollover, the estimated jackpot prize is now set at an increased $70 million.

Three players fell into the second prize tier, where they scooped up an impressive $1 million by matching the five main numbers which were drawn.  With winnings of $10, 000 for matching four main numbers and the Power Ball, there were as many as 16 players in the third tier.  For matching four of the five main numbers, the 609 players in the fourth tier were awarded with their prize of $100.  Here are the results in each of the prize tiers:

Now that you’ve had a look at what could be yours, you shouldn’t even have to think twice before you start clicking away to play the lotto online.  To make things even easier for you, you can take your pick of whichever game you want to play right here on the Lotto Master.  It won’t be long before you realize how easy it is to go from being a player to a big winner with the online lotto – good luck!


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