Victorious Mega Millions Lucky 16 Trust Winners

The Lucky 16 Trust

Victorious Mega Millions Lucky 16 Trust Winners

The online lottery makes it possible for you to play any game of your choice with just the click of a button.  For those who still play the traditional way though – there are many lottery players who have the idea that it is easier to strike it lucky when forming a group with your friends or co-workers to better your chances.  Here’s one case where it paid off…literally.

As many as 16 co-workers from a New York City biopharmaceuticals company won a life-changing $58 million jackpot prize in the ever popular Mega Millions lottery game.  This group of colleagues, who call themselves the Lucky 16 Trust, pooled their money before the draw March 24th.


This very lucky group of winners have been pooling their ticket buys for the last five years, and have finally hit the big time!  Their long history together is what makes them a real partnership, with their win ensuring that they won’t be having another bad day at the office any time soon.  The group were very highly disciplined, sticking together even when there are many people who would have given up after only a few months.  The system which they had put together required everyone to contribute roughly $4 a week in order to purchase multi-state tickets, which would be b ought in different locations too.  One member of the group, Evelyn Harrison, said:

“We rotate who buys the tickets and the stores where we buy to be fair to everyone.  We also require the buyer to send copies of the ticket to everyone in the group so we all have it”. 

After taxes, the prize was split equally with each member receiving an impressive $1.65 million.  Most of them plan to use their new fortunes on paying off student loans and retirement savings, among other things too of course!  The group includes residents from Brooklyn, the Bronx, Manhattan, Queens, New Jersey, and California.  Members of the winning group worked in all parts of the company, from senior to administrative posts and are now all winners in a very big way!  Not much work was accomplished that day, with all of them huddling in a conference room to let the news sink in – can we blame them?

With $110 million up for grabs in this week’s Mega Millions, there’s no better time for you play the lotto online.  As a result of no players being able to step up and claim the jackpot prize for the last few weeks, a rollover has been pushing it up to the jaw-dropping amount that it is set on today.  Along with a selection of the biggest international lotteries, this game can be played right here on the Lotto Master.  Why not get started right now?  There’s no telling how quickly you could get lucky with something as amazing and convenient as the online lotto – good luck and good gaming!

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