Online Lottery Win Makes Couple’s Dreams Come True

Lotto Winner Michael Innes from Buckie Moray  PIC  TREVOR MARTIN

Online Lottery Win Makes Couple’s Dreams Come True

Most people have their dream wedding all planned out, with how they want everything to look.  After snatching up a win from one of the biggest and most popular online lottery games, you would have no limits on the celebrations.  You could fly all of your closest friends and family to the perfect destination, or jet off on the perfect honeymoon straight after.  What if a lucky lottery win came at the perfect time and you were able to make all of your dreams come true?  This is exactly what happened for this couple:

Michael Innes and Mega Fulton, a young couple from Moray, are now able to start planning the wedding of their dreams after Michael scooped up £1 million in a UK National Lottery game.  The offshore worker got lucky when playing the Monopoly Millionaire game, which is one of the popular Instant Wins offered online.  While celebrating in style at Elgin’s Mansion House Hotel after his win, Michael said:

“I could not believe it when I saw we had won the £1 million prize and this is fantastic as it allows us to have the wedding we want rather than the wedding we would have had to settle for”.

Lotto Winner Michael Innes from Buckie Moray    PIC  TREVOR MARTIN


Living in his parent’s house, the lucky lotto winning millionaires will now be able to look for a house of their own and start married life off in a completely new situation.  Innes is hoping that his fiancée, who is a student nurse, will be able to focus on her exams after they get used to their win.  Working with an offshore catering contractor, Soxedo, Michael was waiting to hear about what his next assignment would be when he found out about the life-changing news.  When asked about how they plan to spend their winnings, he said:

“The last job I had was on Shell’s Curlew floating production storage and offtake vessel and while we are already thinking of the wedding and a new home, we want to play the rest by ear at the moment before taking any other bigger decisions”.

Players stand just as good a chance of walking away an instant millionaire right here on the Lotto Master.  Offering you a selection of the most lucrative international lotteries, there’s no telling how soon you could become a lucky winner.  The best thing for you to make your dreams come true in a heartbeat is play the lotto online.  All that you have to do is make sure that your entries are placed in time and that your numbers are feeling lucky.  You can rest assured knowing that there’s no chance of you misplacing or losing your ticket either, with all transactions being done online.  Go ahead and become a winner with the online lotto – you won’t be disappointed!



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