What is the UK Lottery?

During its 18 years of operation, the UK Lotto has been responsible for creating wealth for over 3300 new multimillionaires (and counting!), and in line with their program of giving back to the community have also donated an astonishing £30 billion to various causes and charities throughout the years – which roughly equates to over £35 million which they manage to raise every single week! The UK Lotto has firmly established itself as one of the United Kingdom’s leading brands, with over 70% of adults regularly participating in the lotto game, resulting in annual sales reportedly over £6.5 billion. The UK Lotto is also one of the very few lottery games with surprisingly generous odds, which has largely contributed towards the sheer scale of popularity not only in the UK, but all around the world as well. The odds of winning this lottery jackpot are 1 in 13,983,816 and the highest recorded jackpot won to date has been a meaty £161,653,000.

How to Play the UK National Lottery:
The UK Lotto game utilizes the popular 6/49 lotto format; meaning that, out of a possible 49 numbers, six would need to be selected. Unlike other lotteries, there are no additional ball sets or bonus balls, which means the game process is rather straightforward and to the point. In order to qualify for a full jackpot win, the player’s pre-selected six numbers need to correctly match up to the numbers which have been drawn by the game’s ball selection machines. While we have made mention that there are no additional ball sets or bonus balls to be selected by the player, we need to mention that there is a further bonus ball (which you do not select) which gets drawn; this is for the sole purpose of creating an additional prize tier for players who have managed to match five out of the six numbers, as well as the bonus ball.

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