SuperLotto Plus

What is the SuperLotto Plus? 

The California Super Lotto was founded in November 1984, and later went on to become the SuperLotto Plus in 2000. While it is a lotto game specific to the state of California, it has also proven to be quite popular on the international lotto circuit, thanks to its substantial jackpot prizes – this includes a $193 million windfall in 2002, and another $72 million in 2007. The game’s popularity and widespread appeal can be directly attributed to the game’s long and illustrious existence – and furthermore, it carries a reputation for being the original millionaire maker! With a starting minimum jackpot of $7,000,000, even the smallest jackpot is guaranteed to bestow a “multi-millionaire” status on you. The odds of winning the SuperLotto Plus are 1 in 41,416,353.

How to Play SuperLotto Plus:
The SuperLotto Plus, while being a complete lottery game in its own right, still shares the same DNA as the hugely popular Mega Millions game. As a result of this, the way the game is played is identical. Players are required to choose five “white ball” numbers from a possible 47, as well as a single Mega number from a possible 27. The successful match up of this 5+1 combo will result in a jackpot win. Aspiration

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