Oz Powerball

What is the Oz Powerball?

The OZ Powerball, Australia’s answer to the US Powerball, actually shares the same gaming DNA and structure as it’s American counterpart. Continuing with the likeness to the US Powerball game, the OZ Powerball also utilizes two draw barrels to determine the winning number combination. Six numbers are drawn from a barrel of 40 standard white balls (known as the ‘main numbers’), as well as the bonus ball – known as the Powerball, which is drawn from a separate barrel of 20 balls. Players need to have all six numbers correctly marked off on their game card, as well as the elusive bonus Powerball number. Should the full match up be in order, then the player qualifies for the jackpot win! The largest Oz Powerball jackpot won to date has been $80 million. The OZ Powerball lottery is unique, in that after 25 consecutive rollovers if nobody has managed to scoop the jackpot win, the prize monies will then filter down to the next prize tier and be divided equally amongst the winners. The odds of winning the OZ Powerball jackpot are 1 in 76,767,600.

How to Play the Oz Powerball: 
In order to play the Oz Powerball lotto, players are required to select a total of seven numbers: Six main numbers are selected from the standard ball set (number range of 1 – 40), and the seventh ball selected will be the bonus number, or Powerball, from a ball range of 1 – 20. The correctly-chosen combination of these balls will see the jackpot prize going home with you.

Australian Lotto

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