What is the MegaSena Lottery? 

The MegaSena lottery, which is operated by one of the largest banks in Latin America (Caixa Econômica Federal), is probably one of the most exciting and dynamic lottery games in the world. Naturally then, it goes without saying that it is also the largest lottery in operation in Brazil. Caixa manages most of the popular lotteries in Brazil, including the Quina and LotoMania lotteries. The majority of the profit generated from these lotteries are channeled directly back into community awareness initiatives and projects in Brazil, with the majority being sports and education development.

How to Play the MegaSena Lottery?
Initially, pairs of numbered balls were picked at random from two separate spinning cages. A ball would be taken from each cage at a time, to form a double-digit number. The first cage contained balls numbered from 0-5. The second cage contained balls numbered from 0-9. When combined, the balls would form a number from 01 up to 60 (in the event of “00” showing up, it would be replaced by the number 60 for prize purposes). This entire process is repeated until there are six unique double-digit combinations, which would represent the final draw numbers. However, since draw #1140 this entire process has been drastically streamlined. The number selection is now simple, thanks to the new game structure. Players need to select six unique numbers out of a possible 60. If a player matches all their six chosen numbers to the numbers drawn, they win the jackpot. The Mega Sena only pays out prizes for the top 3 prize tiers. The prize value for each tier is based on a percentage value of the total prize fund (46% of the total lottery earnings).

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