Mega Millions

What is the Mega Millions Lottery?

The US Mega Millions lottery game is one of the United States’ biggest lotto games – and, in fact, it’s one of the most widely-played lotto games in the world! This game is famous for awarding a colossal $656 million to joint winners in March 2012. Since the first draw held in 1996, the game has experienced a continuous growth curve year on year, and is now officially the most widely-played lottery game in the United States. This bold claim can be substantiated by the fact that it’s currently being enjoyed in 45 jurisdictions across the country. Besides the huge jackpot prizes on offer to participants in the game, second division prize winners can also look forward to an amazing $1,000,000 tier prize – and, should they opt to utilize the game’s famous Megaplier option on their lotto ticket lines, the $1,000,000 tier prize has the potential to be multiplied to the value of up to 5x – meaning a potential $5,000,000 win without even needing to correctly match all the numbers which are drawn! This really makes the US Mega Millions one of the preferred lotto games available in the market today, and further demonstrates why this game has reached such astronomical levels of support and global recognition. The odds of winning the jackpot are 1 in 175,711,536.

How to Play the US Mega Millions Lottery:
The Mega Millions game structure has undergone a few revisions, which has resulted in the odds of securing one of the game’s tier prize being improved substantially. In order to enter the game correctly, players are required to select five numbers out of a possible 75 balls from the white ball set (known as the ‘main numbers’), whilst a single gold Mega Ball also to be selected from a range of a possible 15. Should a player successfully match this 5 + 1 combination, then they will be eligible for the jackpot prize!



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