What is the Euro Millions Lottery?

The EuroMillions international lottery is Europe’s flagship lottery game which is played internationally by lotto enthusiasts, and has the ability to offer some of the biggest Euro jackpot prizes around. This is achieved by pooling the resources from a total of nine competing countries. When the game was initially set up, only France, Spain and the United Kingdom were the countries competing in this lottery. This soon changed, though – within a matter of months, the number of countries participating in the game experienced a dramatic increase as word of the EuroMillions game spread, with many more eligible European countries scrambling to be an integral part of this new, lucrative and massively exciting lottery.

To date, the countries forming the basis of the EuroMillions lottery are:

  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Luxembourg
  • Portugal
  • Switzerland
  • Republic of Ireland
  • France
  • Spain
  • United Kingdom

With the number of wealthy European countries taking part in the game and pooling their collective Euros towards the game’s jackpot fund, jackpot prizes exceeding the €100 million mark are perfectly normal. As further evidence of this fact, the highest jackpot prize paid out to date in the EuroMillions game has been a jaw-dropping €190 million, which was won in August 2012. With the amount of countries currently in the process of joining the European Union, it should simply be a matter of time before even more countries elect to be a part of the EuroMillions lottery, which would most likely lead to even bigger jackpot prizes and prize pool!

Thanks to, it is now possible to secure a guaranteed entry into some of  the best international lottery brands and titles available to the market these days – regardless of your physical location. It is no longer a pre-requisite to be a registered citizen of a particular country or state, in order to legitimately participate in these lottery games. In the past, if you wished to participate in the EuroMillions lotto you’d need to be a citizen of one of the nine European countries which make up the lottery game. These days though, thanks to the increased global reach of online lotto ticket vendors, it is now entirely possible to submit your valid entries into nearly every single lottery game available internationally and online.

How to Play the Euro Millions Lottery:
Playing the EuroMillions game is delightfully simple. You play your lines by selecting your choice of five main numbers from a ball pool range of 1-50; as well as two Bonus numbers, known as the “Lucky Star” numbers from a ball pool range of 1-9. During the draw, the lotto machines containing the numbered balls will automatically draw five main numbers and two Lucky Star numbers at complete random. If your number selection correctly matches up with the numbers which have been drawn (and depending on how many of the main numbers and Lucky Stars are matched up), you could then be eligible to place in either one of the 13 prizes tiers on offer, or ideally the main jackpot prize!

Should none of the drawn numbers have a matching winning entry, the jackpot would then be automatically rolled over to the next draw. There is, however, a rollover cap that has been imposed on the game – it is not permitted to roll over more than eleven consecutive times; or exceed the prize fund cap of €190 million. In the unlikely event of this happening, the jackpot prize would then be filtered down to the second prize tier at the end of the eleventh draw and subsequently equally divided amongst the winners in that tier. With every rollover, the prize value of the jackpot increases. This naturally means that the jackpot prize pool has the ability to grow in leaps and bounds within a relatively short span of time if it indulges itself in a consecutive rollover spree. The current odds of netting a full jackpot win in the EuroMillions game is a somewhat challenging 1 in 76 million – although the odds of winning a substantial cash prize in one of the prize tiers is a very reasonable 1 in 24.

When to Play the Euro Millions Lottery:

The EuroMillions lottery draws take place twice a week, every Tuesday and Friday at 21h45 CET / 20h45 GMT. Interestingly, the Friday draws generally tend to see a dramatic increase in entries – which could occasionally lead to a last-minute increase in the advertised jackpot amount. For all the latest EuroMillions draw results, feel free to check back on All prizes (including the jackpot) are tax-free and are paid out as a lump sum.

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