Get-Well Card Brings Man Millions

Joseph Amorese_lottery winner

Get-Well Card Brings Man Millions

In many cases those who win the lottery are often the least expectant.  It’s those who don’t realize that they could become unbelievably rich at any time who usually find themselves in possession of winning lottery numbers.  In a lot of these instances it’s those who deserve it that end up hitting the big time.  Here is one such story, where a Pennsylvanian resident became an instant millionaire:

Lucky winner Joseph Amorese, from Easton in Pennsylvania, was over the moon when he cashed in his cheque and recalled the day that he found out he had just become much, much richer.  This 46-year-old, who was in hospital at the time while he recovered from a hernia operation, had received a get-well card from his father.  Not only did it contain a message from his, but it also had a $7 million Golden Ticket inside which his father had bought from a Just A Dollar Store in New York.  After finding out about his lucky win and that he had just become a millionaire in the blink of an eye, Amorese said:

“I took my glasses off, then looking at it, I was pretty shocked to say the least.  I had surgery so I didn’t jump up and down, but in my mind I was jumping up and down.  All the pain I felt, I did not feel for at least a couple of days”.

Joseph Amorese

Once he shared the great news with his wife, her answer was exactly what you would expect – a long and stunned silence.  We don’t blame her, we wouldn’t even be able to talk while we’re jumping off the counters and couches and anything basically with all of the overwhelming happiness and excitement.  With his wife being a social worker and Joseph being a Verizon employee, the couple have both decided to continue working.  We think that this is a very good decision, considering that they’ll be bringing in even more money that way.  The lucky winning family brought in a total of $4.5 million after opting to take payment in the form of a lump sum, rather than getting a fixed amount each year.

You stand the chance of becoming just as lucky as this winner did with all of the opportunities that come your way thanks to the online lotto.  All of the biggest and most popular lottery games with the most lucrative jackpot prizes are only a click away right here on the Lotto Master.  The upcoming EuroMillions draw on Tuesday (21st March) will offer up a whopping €73 million to any player who is lucky enough to match all of the numbers drawn.  With a chance to win prizes this amazing, it’s clear to see why you should play the lotto online.  Not only is it easy and convenient to play the online lottery, but your chances of winning have never looked this good!



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