Euro Lottery Weekend Winnings | 18th May ’15


Euro Lottery Weekend Winnings | 18th May ’15

Have you always dreamed about having no bills to pay off and being able to live your life as you should, without all of the unnecessary stress added on?  That’s all possible now thanks to the online lottery and the ease with which you could become a winner when you let go of the old traditional way of playing your favourite games.  You can take your pick from some of the biggest Euro lotto games there are, including the ones below.  Let’s have a look at how these games performed to see why you should waste no time:

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The EuroMillions draw on Friday (15th May) was the first for the weekend, kicking off the lottery action and all of the fun that comes along with playing your favourite games.  There were no players who walked away with the €15 million prize, with no players who had any luck in matching the five main numbers as well as both of the Star Balls to place in the first tier.  This will result in a rollover taking place for the next draw on Tuesday (19th May) , leaving the estimated jackpot prize standing at a higher €21 million.

The first winner for the night fell into the second tier, scooping up an unbelievable €1, 349, 968.90 by matching the five main numbers and one Star Ball.  The third prize tier brought in four players who were able to match five numbers, allowing them to claim their guaranteed winnings of €112, 497.80.  In the last of the top prize tiers, €6, 249.80 was given to each of the 36 players who matched four numbers as well as both of the Star Balls.  All of the detailed results from the latest draw have been tabulated for you below:


The Euro Jackpot was another of Friday’s (15th May) draws, and undoubtedly gave a whole new feeling to the night.  One very lucky became one of the latest lucky jackpot winners and placed in the first tier by matching the five numbers as well as both Bonus Balls.  This saw this player snatch up a jaw-dropping €90 million, the prize which all players and dedicated fans had their eyes on.  With there being no need for a rollover to kick in, there will be an estimated jackpot prize of a new €10 million available in Friday’s (22nd May) draw.

The second tier grouped three players who were lucky enough to match five numbers and one Bonus Ball, which allowed them to be granted with their prize of €7, 643, 519.60.  Each of the six players in the third prize tier are now €201, 877.60 richer thanks to their luck in matching five numbers correctly.  With winnings of €5, 530.80, there were a total of 73 players in the fourth tier who were able to match four numbers plus both of the Bonus Balls.  For all of the results in each of the prize tiers of the latest draw, please have a look over here:

These aren’t the only games that are only a click away right here on the Lotto Master.  It’s never been easier for you to play the lotto online and become a winner, with there no longer being a need for you to take one step out of your front door.  By making sure that your entries are placed in time, you could be a winner sooner than you ever thought possible with the online lotto.  Best of luck and good gaming!

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