Pennsylvania Millionaire Raffle

Pennsylvania Millionaire Raffle

Millionaire raffle

Having great odds of walking away with $1 million, the Millionaire Raffle takes place twice each year.  With their being a limited amount of tickets for sale, you can be sure that you’ll become a winner.

The Pennsylvania Lottery awards a total of 6, 000 prizes which are worth more than $5 million in the Millionaire Raffle.  The top four prizes are $1 million, which is then followed by four prizes of $100, 000, 100 prizes of $1, 000 and 5, 892 prizes of $100.


In total, the Millionaire Raffle drawing offered 6,000 prizes worth $5,089,200. Millionaire Raffle’s prize levels are:

  • Four prizes of $1 million
  • Four prizes of $100,000
  • 100 prizes of $1,000
  • 5,892 prizes of $100
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