Lotto Texas

Lotto Texas

Lotto Texas

How to Play:

Players are required to pick six numbers from a possible 54.  Lotto Texas also offers an extra way for you to win big – for $1 extra you will get a chance to increase your non-jackpot prize winnings and you could win up to $10, 000 more.

The Texas Lottery sold 23.2 million scratch-off lotto tickets on the first day of sales on May 29, 1992.  This became a world record for first day lottery ticket sales, with the first ticket being bought at 6 a.m by Governor Ann Richards.  With the start being such a success, the entire cost of starting up the lottery was earned back after just three hours of sales.

Biggest Jackpot Wins:

Thomas Henderson – $14 million (2000)

MatchesPrizeCurrent probability of winning
3 of 6 numbers$ 3 (guaranteed)1:75
4 of 6 numbers$ 50 (estimated)1:1,526
5 of 6 numbers$ 2,000 (estimated)1:89,678
All 6 numbersJackpot1:25,827,165

When to Play:

Draws are broadcasted every Wednesday and Saturday at 22:12 CT.

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