£148 million Lottery Winner Still Gives Children £3 Pocket Money

Gillian Bayford

£148 million Lottery Winner Still Gives Children £3 Pocket Money

There are many lottery winners who convince themselves that their lives won’t change much after they receive their life-changing prizes.  In most instances, things don’t go as planned and winners are lost in their new lives of luxury and after spoiling themselves and their loved ones, are left back at square one.  There are however a select few who, despite scooping up millions in winnings, stay grounded and do the best that they can to make sure that their winnings will last as long as possible and that their lives will be changed for the better.  Here is one very lucky lotto winner who did just that:

Gillian Bayford, the second biggest lottery winner in Britain, tries her best to be a normal mother and not spoil her kids.  To help keep her children grounded, she gives them £3 a week in pocket monet, which is conditional on tidy rooms and made beds.  She’s doing her best to be a normal mother and doesn’t want to see her kids grow up spoilt.

Adrian and Gillian Bayford

The lucky multimillionaire still enjoys doing regular things with them like to activities like cubs and brownies.  Her ex-husband wasted no time splashing out on a whopping £2 million on horses and stables for his new fiancée.  This isn’t the direction Gillian chose to go in, as she attempts to set her children on the right path.  She has taught them that if they want something they can save and work for it.  Since the lucky lotto win, Bayford no longer works night shift as a healthcare assistant, and has invested £3 million of her winnings on property which was bought at market price to not rip people off.  She has also moved back to her home town of Carnoustie from Suffolk.  Splitting 15 months after receiving their EuroMillions windfall, Mr Bayford said:

“When you win the lottery it’s so stressful.  Things happen.  Sometimes in life you have to move on.  We’re all happy now and life goes on”.


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